SI.VA has been active in the international market since 1958 as a producer of terrestrial antennas and TV articles for television installations.

In 1962, to increase the production capacity, it moved to Bonate sotto – Bergamo and under the FBE name, it started to produce its first models of Coaxial cable to join the VHF and UHF antenna production.

Simple 75-Ohm coaxial cables with a dielectric of Foam polyethylene and a bare copper single screen were introduced into the production.
Afterwards, a complete range of radiofrequency cables were introduced produced following the very strict construction criteria of the Mil-c-17 norms. (MIL NORMS ISSUED IN 1940 from the USA).

We can produce also cables with your particular requests in PVC, PE, LS0H ( zero halogens ) and PUR jackets, all in compliance to the “Directive RoHS3 2011/65/EC and 2015/863 “ that forbids the use of dangerous substances as lead, mercury, cadmium hexavalent chromium and their compounds
From July 2017 as prescribed in CPR UE 305/2011, our cables have been tested by the Italian notified bodies and they have obtained the certification.
Regarding the CPR rules and the D.o.P. (declaration of performance), please look at web site
CE marking and labeling
In conformity to the CEI EN 50575 Norms and the previsions of “EU 305/2011 directive construction products regulation CPR” all our cables meet the safety requirements established by these directives and therefore suitable for CE marking and labeling, which guarantees their class of performance against fire and product traceability.
UKCA labeling
From 1st January 2023 in according to the directive of the British Government, our cables with CE marking and labeling can be commercialized on the British market with adding UKCA printing – UK Conformity Assessed BS EN 13501-6:2014
All our cables meet the safety requirements established by these directives and therefore suitable for UKCA labeling.
We proudly underline that our full production range is MADE IN BERGAMO – ITALY, completely produced in our plant in Bonate sotto with high quality European raw materials.

Actually SI.VA is specialized in the production of:

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